AIADMK Minister Paneerselvam Takes Portfolio of CM

       Published : Oct 13, 2016 15:10 IST    

AIADMK Minister Paneerselvam Takes Portfolio of CM

Since Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalitha had been hospitalized for more than 20 days, to take care of the state, the governor had allocated all the portfolios of the CM to state finance minister O Paneerselvam. He had been in CM post for sometimes earlier in the absence of Jayalalitha.

Paneerselvam is one among the ministers who gained trust of Jayalalitha. AIADMK spokes person Sarawathi told to the media that CM was getting better day by day. She will soon return home and as per the doctor’s advice she was some rest and monitored in hospital. Minister Paneerselvam who had been Chief Minister for sometimes will be handling the portfolio of CM for time being she said. This decision is said to be taken as per the advice of Hon’ble Chief Minister.

It is a third time O Paneerselvam is asked to step into the CM post. Last 2 times he had entered to the post of CM when she is facing the cases against her. This time he had only given the CM’s portfolio not the position. It is AIADMK’s decision to answer the questions raised by opposition parties and court.

Pannerselvam belongs to remote village Periyakulam of Theni district. His biggest dream of becoming the chairman of Periakulam had been satisfied 20 years before. Becoming MLA, minister and CM are additional gift from God or Amma says his close relative.

Jayalalitha was admitted in Apollo hospital after she felt ill by fever and dehydration on September 22nd. Jayalitha supporters are holding prayers for her speedy recovery. As per the Apollo Hospital latest report she is in Intensive Care treated with respiratory support, antibiotics and other medical aid.

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AIADMK Minister Paneerselvam Takes Portfolio of CM

AIADMK Minister Paneerselvam Takes Portfolio of CM

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