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Amarnath Yatras on the Baltal route struggling a lot

On middle of July 2015 Amarnath Yatras were stopped due to land slide.

Amarnath Yatra this year started on June 2nd and will be closed at August 29th. Nearly 2,40,000 people has performed the yatra still now.

The Baltal base camp is on the Srinagar-Leh highway. This highway is closed for 3 days due to the landslide which killed 3 people. Due to heavy rain for about 36 hours has led to multiple landslides. Landslides occurred on this way in Kulan, Ganangir and Sonamarg villages.

After 3 days, the road was resumed and allowed for the yatra.

Sri Amarnath lingam is a shrine that is formed naturally every year in the month of July and August. This place is situated above 14,500 feet above the sea level in the Himalayan mountain cave. The yatras were increasing every year to get blessing of the God almighty.

The yatra booking may be done in online through

This yatra is undertaken by the people who are in good health condition. The person has to produce health certificate to undergo yatra. The people should be well prepared and needs exercise daily before going to yatra. They have to prepare them both physically and mentally.  This makes them ease and to get the benefits of yatra.

To make the successful yatra you have to know the rules and regulations of yatra. You have to know about Do’s and don’ts in yatra. Click here

Amarnath Yatras on the Baltal route struggling a lot

Amarnath Yatras on the Baltal route struggling a lot

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