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Ancient Artefacts like Harappa found in Tamil Nadu

Ancient Artefacts like Harappa found in Tamil Nadu

Archaeological Survery of India (ASI) team found 3000 years old artefacts in Pallisanthai Thidal village near Keezhadi at the bank of river Vaigai. It found the massive scale of the ancient structures under the earth after surfacing the soil.

It is found to be massive civilian structures like Harappa and Mohenjo Daro. It is the second phase of work carried out by the by excavation branch of Bangalore. After the findings and research they suggest it could be as large as Harappa civilizations.

The first phase of the excavation works are carried out in 2015. They have found several tools, iron and copper weapons, arrows, nails, antiquities and ornaments. They have dated back to 3 BC. These materials contains both local made and imported. This shows foreign trade were popular at that period. The first phase of study concluded the site as ancient urban habitation site.

Archaeology department had identified nearly 293 Sangam Age towns along the course of river Vaigai at the earlier studies held in 2013.

At the second phase, the archaeological department excavated nearly 80 acres of the private farming land and found various astonished structures. The huge rectangular structure and bricks promises it as an ancient culture. They are still finding back to back structures that shows there have been huge civilization on the bank of River Vaigai. It could be on third Sangam period that reveals the Tamil Sangam way of life says the source.

Their excavation works goes until September this year. The experts involved in the work say the drainage system is similar to the Harappa civilization site and this could be in Pandiyan's era. These are found to be well-built urban civilization in Sangam period they say.

Ancient Artefacts like Harappa found in Tamil Nadu

Ancient Artefacts like Harappa found in Tamil Nadu

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