Andhra develops its Capital Amaravati: Singapore companies submits master plans

       Published : Jul 22, 2015 11:28 IST    

Singapore companies Ascendas-Singbridge and Sembcorp development given the master plan to construct the capital to the Andhra Pradesh government. Based on the master plan the blueprint was designed by Surbana Jurong of Singapore. The blueprint phase-I was covering 7,235 sq km and phase-II was covering 125 sq km.

Amaravathi first look poster was released in the twitter page of capital Amaravathi.

The final phase-III plan was submitted by S.Iswaran the Singapore’s second minister of Trade and Industry on 20th July 2015.

CM Naidu thanked the Singapore government for the full support. Now the government will choose the master plan and select the master developers.

The involvement of the Singapore companies will make business opportunities in the local firms and also it leads to develop investment opportunities said S.Iswaran in an interview.

The heart of the town will be the Krishna River. On the south bank of this river the development will be started.  Amaravathi will be developed as a smart, green, and sustainable city. It is going to be a people’s capital and its aim to create vibrant modern city which is going to a pride for the people in Andhra said Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu.

The seed capital Area would have all the facilities residential area, water bodies, parks, government buildings, administration building, recreational spaces etc. The residence is about 3 lakhs and expected to generate 7 lakhs jobs says the CM source.

The government has already done the Bhoomi pooja. Chief Minister invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the foundation ceremony on Oct 22 and said Prime Ministers of Singapore and Japan will also be invited.

In this master plan the six key factors are taken into account. They are providing jobs and homes, world-class infrastructure, quality living, protecting identity and heritage and, resource management and environment.

Latest News: Andhra Pradesh News says that CRDA is working with 3D model of the capital Amaravathi.

Andhra develops its Capital Amaravati: Singapore companies submits master plans

Andhra develops its Capital Amaravati: Singapore companies submits master plans

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