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Andhra Pradesh Heat Wave Killed Thousands of People

Andhra Pradesh Heat Wave Killed Thousands of People

In spite of warning given by the scientist, Andhra Pradesh government was lethargic and doesn’t take any steps to face the summer and hot weather.

Due to the heavy hot temperature in the last summer as nearly 46 degree centigrade in Andhra Pradesh it seemed like a hot stove. The people cannot come out of the house due to hot storm and weather.

The poor people were mostly affected by this situation those who can't stay in the shadows of trees. They should work for the whole day to run their families. Most affected districts are Krishna, Guntur, Ongole, Masulipatinam and Nellore.

Even the things inside the house was so hot. Due to this many people lost their lives, it is suspected to be more than 8000 people.

Were these people sick No, they did not have any disease another than less tolerance of the hot temperature.

What is the reason of these high death rates

It is due to the carelessness of the government. If they have taken needed steps and to make the precautions arrangements this would not happened.

Experts say that this is only a starting one that was happened, it may increase more and more in upcoming years. This is the result of global warming and cutting down the trees and polluted air. This may also spread to the all other places in South India and finally we will be in the deserted area. If we deal this lethargically our generations will suffer.

Steps to be taken to avoid this misery in future

Immediate steps to be taken by the government

  • In every village that is facing the hot climate should undergo Tree Plantation which will make the climate to cool down slowly in future.
  • Many Lakes should be created to store the rainwater and to raise the underground water level.
  • Make people aware of the global warming and to draw their attention in above activities.
  • Control of Vehicles which is emitting more smoke.
  • Factories to be closed which is not following the norms and regulation in the gas and smoke emitting factor.
  • Cutting down the trees in forest legal or illegal should be stopped.

What we have to do

  • Each and every of us should be responsible to slow down the global warming.
  • We should make rain water harvesting system in their house. We should save every drop of rain water.
  • We should plant the trees in and around our house and where ever possible.
  • Usage of Air conditioner should be reduced because the gas released by A/C is one of the main causes of global warming.
  • Don't cut the trees, if  you need to cut the tree plant the other one.

Andhra Pradesh Heat Wave Killed Thousands of People

Andhra Pradesh Heat Wave Killed Thousands of People