Anil Bokil - Brain Behind Demonetization Not Happy

       Published : Nov 23, 2016 12:35 IST    

Anil Bokil - Brain Behind Demonetization Not Happy

Anil Bokil, a social activist is the brain behind the demonetization however he is not happy with this move. He said this is not the way he proposed. He also added 'Government has only taken one part of our five-point plan. We had a proper transition plan from large currency denominations to smaller ones.'

'This is not the move we proposed. Government had replaced smaller denominations notes to the even larger ones,' says Anil Bokil founder of Arthakranti Pratishthan.

Anil also says 'It is a surgery done without giving anaesthesia for the patients that made to loss the lives.'

The government has to withdraw all the cash above Rs. 50 and entire transaction should be made in smaller denominations. He asks why should government go for higher denomination notes as our 70% people are using only lower denominations just Rs. 135 per day.

Two weeks later as country is facing the disorder situations over cash crisis, Bokil has expressed his anger over the implementation of demonetisation.

While addressing the parliament Prime Minister Narendra Modi was emotional while taking about the Demonetization on Tuesday. He said it is done for the benefit of the people and there are misinformation is being spread by opposition parties.

He urged the party men to inform the public about the benefits of Demonetization. This is the beginning to end the corruption and black money. The BJP expressed that the long queue is only for the betterment of India.

Opposition parties will hold a large protest in the parliament complex for the demonetization move by Modi. They say PM Modi must explain his move in the Rajya Sabha. He should come and listen to the pain people have faced because of his decision.

BJP said PM will not speak in Rajya Sabha, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will answer the questions raised by opposition parties.


Anil Bokil - Brain Behind Demonetization Not Happy

Anil Bokil - Brain Behind Demonetization Not Happy

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