Anti-Tasmac Protest Continues Across Tamil Nadu

       Published : Apr 13, 2017 12:13 IST    

Anti-Tasmac Protest Continues Across Tamil Nadu

Supreme Court ordered o remove tasmac from National and State highways. It is a major cause for accidents on the highways. The highway travellers easily purchase the liquor, drinks and raid the vehicle that is a one of the major causes of accidents. SC has no objection for the liquor shops that are 500 metre away from the highways.

The shops on the highways are being relocated inside the cities, towns and villages near the residence or close to public places. This made people to do agitations against the newly opening liquor shops. Protests were fired in several places across the state.

This time though some political parties are in back of the protest they does not come front to protest. The women takes majority in this anti-tasmac protest.

Around 90 residences in Coimbatore gathered for protest against Tasmac yesterday near Irugur flyover in Indira Nagar. The officials move to set up Tasmac near their residence and temple in the area.

Earlier at Tiruppur, police made lathi charge to clear the protesters who agitated liquor shops. A woman was brutally attracted by ADSP Pandiyarajan and the woman was affected by ear problem. People claim that police should be suspended from his job.

The brutal attack on woman turns back with strongest protest all over Tamil Nadu. It added strength to the women against all tasmac shops. Eswari wanted to close the tasmac s her husband is an alcoholic. Feared he could spent more money and more additive to alcohol if opened near their house she joined the protest. It was a silent protest from morning 10 am to 5 pm. The Sulur MLA also joined protest and when he is escorted by police after 5 pm police started attacking the protesters.

Though the liquor shops are closed in high ways the sales are good in the areas with the help of some police and shoppers nearby.

Anti-Tasmac Protest Continues Across Tamil Nadu

Anti-Tasmac Protest Continues Across Tamil Nadu

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