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APJ Abdul Kalam brother 100th Birthday Celebration

APJ Abdul Kalam brother 100th Birthday Celebration

The great APJ Abdul Kalam's last wish is to celebrate his brother APJ Maraikayar's 100th birthday in grand manner. He had shared his wish to near ones about celebrating his brother's birthday before his death. To fulfill the final wish of People's President Abdul Kalam, APJ Abdul Kalam International Foundation had arranged the celebration in grand manner on 100th birthday of his brother tomorrow at Daiwik Hotel.

They have also arranged programs that engage audience and also a social cause programs will be conducted.

Actor Vivek will be planting 100 saplings at the memorial place of missile man. He will be giving one lakh tree saplings at the event.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam library will be opened in the remote village schools across the districts will are literally backward.

During the event APJ Abdul Kalam Award will be honoured for selected 100 members and APJ Maraikayar's will give award for first five members.

More over the association had selected 100 students in remote villagers in the district and they will be giving educational fund support to those students tomorrow.

APJ Abdul Kamal's precious book Agni Siragukal will be gifted to the 100 students belonging to the fisher families.

The great Bharat Ratna Kalam had celebrated his brother's 98th birthday in grand manner in his home town Rameshwaram.

APJ Abdul Kalam International Foundation associated with House of Kalam had planned to conduct the celebration in grand manner on Nov 5th. Political leaders, social activists, scientists, Kalam's close friend YS Rajan, close relations and friends will be participating in the event.

Tamilnadu Government observes Kalam Birthday as Youth Upsurge Day

APJ Abdul Kalam brother 100th Birthday Celebration


APJ Abdul Kalam brother 100th Birthday Celebration

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