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Ashok Srinidhi Silent Protest For Water Crisis in Tamil Nadu

Ashok Srinidhi Silent Protest For Water Crisis in Tamil Nadu

Ashok Srinidhi Silent Protest For Water Crisis in Tamil Nadu

The activist Ashok Srinidhi who belongs to Coimbatore had called for a silent protest against the water crisis of Tamil Nadu and to share the solution for several water problems faced by people of Tamil Nadu. This silent protest will be happening on Sept 18, 2016 Sunday. Interested candidates can join his team during the event.

He had explained Tamils faces not only the Cauvery water crisis he faces various issues inside the state. He points out various problems faced by farmers in the state.

The ONGC oil leakage on the farming land problem is on the state for about 20 long years. Thiruvayur farmers observed fast over ONGC issue ten days before.

Slowly farming and farmers are dying without enough water for agriculture in the state. Meantime the MNC corporate companies like Pepsi and Cola are taking several lakh hectares of water daily from our river. From Thamarabharani River, company is getting about 9 lakhs hectares of water daily. Farmers and people were arrested for protesting this some days ago when the company is getting enlarged.

As per report from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, our soil fertility has been decreased to 50% over 30 years. The sand from the Cauvery rivers is illegally abducted regularly. Illegal sand mining in Tamil Nadu is estimated to go beyond 15, 000 crores. Some days before we heard the news that police ceased 300 lorries and arrested lorry drivers for illegal sand mining. But there was no news about the punishment. As per the sources they had been released immediately.

Not only this, our soil fertility dies day by day with chemical fertilizers and pesticides thrown on the land. There is not proper irrigation facilities. Many waters are gone wasted and joins sea while there is good monsoon. We lost so many lakes and canal in our own land created by our ancestors. Textile waste and industry waste are being joining the rivers. Though there is restriction made by government it is not properly monitored. So there are many problems faced by farmers in Tamil Nadu.

Ashok Srinidhi's Silent Protest can bring a awareness about the water and solution on the water crisis in the state. He requested people to whatsapp it they are interested to join them. Here is the whasapp no.8754082112.

Ashok Srinidhi Silent Protest For Water Crisis in Tamil Nadu