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Avoid Cheaper and Harmful Chinese Fireworks

Avoid Cheaper and Harmful Chinese Fireworks

Avoid Cheaper and Harmful Chinese Fireworks

Chinese Fireworks are smuggled through various ways to India even before several months of Diwali. Experts say Government had not licensed to import fireworks from any of other nations. These Chinese fireworks are harmful that are being made in cheaper like chlorates and per-chlorates.

These crackers are very sensitive and burst suddenly. There will also be huge noise that would cause hearing impairment and noise pollution. It may be dangerous to the infants and old age people. These were illegally entered into India through borders of Nepal, ports at Kandla, Tuticorin, Mumbai and Kolkata.

There are huge boycott of Chinese products recently due to the China supporting Pakistan and blocking the Brahmaputra River water. Indian manufactures of crackers are 90 percent in Sivakasi and this time they are looking for the good sale. Indian fire work industry has employment for 2 lakh people directly and indirectly all over. There are almost 850 legal manufacturing units in Sivakasi. The crackers manufactures here are sent to Northern and western states of India.

Some cracker sellers have decided not to buy Chinese fireworks this time. Ludhiana wholesale crackers association had decided not to trade Chinese crackers and stand by the country. If this continues in all over the country there will be good change and we can show the strong message to China that is supporting Pakistan.

Indian crackers are made by Sulphur and potassium which is 3 times costlier than the chemicals used in Chinese crackers. There are many incidents to prove Chinese crackers are more harmful and threats to life.

Environment Minister Imran Hussain had reviewed the step taken to control air pollution in the country. There is a ban for bursting sound emitting crackers between 10pm and 6 am.

Avoid Unsafe China Crackers and buy Indian Crackers

Avoid Cheaper and Harmful Chinese Fireworks

Avoid Cheaper and Harmful Chinese Fireworks

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