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Avoid Unsafe China Crackers and buy Indian Crackers

Avoid Unsafe China Crackers and buy Indian Crackers

In India, Sivakasi is the manufacturing place of crackers, for past 2 years its sales had fallen and production units faces heavy dip by the China's low cost crackers.

This year Diwali falls on November 10, already from last two months many crackers were being imported from China in spite of central government banned the China's crackers import. Due to this Sivakasi crackers producer says there was huge order lose this year of about Rs. 2000 crores for crackers producer and government faces loss from tax revenue of about Rs. 530 crores.

The China's crackers are produced by using Potassium Chlorate which is low in cost about Rs. 40 per kg. This potassium Chlorate is very sensitive and could cause fire even by the friction. Majority of their product is highly friction sensitive. It is highly dangerous to the people who are using it and people are buying it unknowingly due to its low prize.

Even though the central government banned the Chinese fireworks last year, the products are flooding in India through the smugglers. It is brought to India by containers through sea ways.

Manufacturing unit in Sivakasi is dull with less works though the Diwali is nearing. It threatens the life of almost 5 lakhs workers involved in the fireworks. Tamilnadu fire worker safety association leader Raja says Central government had failed to take necessary steps to stop smuggling. Recently 2000 containers of fireworks have been imported in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh which made decrease the orders from northern states.

Most of the Indian manufactures use Sulphur and Potassium Nitrate which cost 3 times more than the Potassium chlorate. Chlorate is highly unstable which can cause 6 times more explosive and powerful than nitrate says the chemical expert.

Many massive fire crackers accidents were happened in China. It is not only dangerous to Indian people but also threatens Chinese people. There are many incidents that proves Chinese crackers is most dangerous threat to life.

Indian should be aware of our Indian product and Chinese product. Indian product will have the manufacture unit name with full address and costlier than the Chinese crackers. Our people should buy the safest product and celebrate a happy and safest Diwali.

Avoid Unsafe China Crackers and buy Indian Crackers

Avoid Unsafe China Crackers and buy Indian Crackers