Bangalore Brave Woman escaped from Abduction

       Published : May 02, 2016 18:50 IST    

Bangalore Brave Woman escaped from Abduction

It is shocking to hear a woman was abducted while standing near her PG residential at Bangalore. She is working in a private beauty parlor. After her work she was dropped by her friends near her PG. She was standing outside her PG accommodation attending to a phone call at 11:00 pm.

Some unknown man came behind her and abducted her to nearby construction place. He tried to rape her but she beat him on his hand, escaped and ran to her PG. This horrifying incident was recorded by the CCTV camera at her PG.

The woman took a complaint to the police station but unfortunately the cop did not file the complaint and take action immediately. She came to PG to take video from the CCTV camera. Once after producing the video, the police registered her complaint.

The video clearly shows the about the unknown man abducting a woman. It also reveals some people were standing watching the incident without knowing what to do. As per the source they later acted upon the incident when the victim shouted for help.

This incident shows the woman should always be careful in her protection and safety. It shows the unsafe at the night. But this is really shocking incident that a woman was abducted near her PG in the residential street.

Bangalore Brave Woman escaped from Abduction

Bangalore Brave Woman escaped from Abduction

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