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Bar Council Suspends 105 Advocates in Tamil Nadu

Bar Council Suspends 105 Advocates in Tamil Nadu

Bar Council Suspends 105 Advocates in Tamil Nadu

On Sunday, the Bar Council of India (BCI) suspends 105 lawyers of Tamil Nadu for regularly creating problems in administration of justice. The immediate effect and disciplinary action are taken against these lawyers. It had prohibited them from practicing in any court or tribunal.

The BCI had suspended these advocates for misleading the entire legal fraternity in Tamil Nadu and the advocates were not informed about the decisions taken by the Madras High Court.

Those suspended include P Thirumalairajan, chief coordinator of the JAC, and M Velmurugan, former member of Bar Council of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, Madras High Court Advocates Association secretary Arivazhagan, Women Lawyers Association president Nalini and Egmore Bar Association president Chandan Bab said BCI chairperson Mishra.

Following this about 380 advocates including several women lawyers who are staging protest outside the Madras High Court were arrested and later released on Monday. This protest was planned by Joint-Action-Committee (JAC) to walk against amendments of lawyers act.

Nearly 1200 policemen were drawn for the security in Madras High Court. There were abnormal situation in Parry's area where no buses are allowed from morning 9 until late evening. The protest by lawyers made not vehicles to travel in and around the commercial area.

The advocates who involved in the protest till late evening are discharged by the police by arresting them taking to various parts of the city. JAC said their protest on Monday came to end with success claiming Chief Justice himself had closed gates of the high court and said they will continue boycotting until new rules are withdrawn.

For about 2 months lawyers are protesting against new disciplinary rules created by Madras High court on May. Due to his severe protest all the court proceedings remained stalled for over a month.

According to the new rules, if advocate who accepts money in name of judge or tampered with court order, who abuses a judge, who involves in  protest inside the court hall, who is found to under influence of liquor inside the court will be taken action by the high court. Judge shall have the power to initiate action against the Advocate and debar him from the court.

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Bar Council Suspends 105 Advocates in Tamil Nadu

Bar Council Suspends 105 Advocates in Tamil Nadu