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Behind Vyapam Scam Truth Reveals

Behind Vyapam Scam Truth Reveals

Vyapam scam is the irregularities and forgeries that done during the entrance exams connected by self-financed organization which is cooperated by the Madhya Pradesh government. The candidates, government officials, business men and politicians are involved in the scam.

The person gets the seat who gives the amount to the officials. The candidates also interested to give the amount and get the position what they needed. There is no need to get the marks. The undeserved candidates get high mark in the entrance exam.

This scam was first reported from mid of 1990's.  It became serious in 2009 where major complaint was filed in pre medical test (PMT). Many people were arrested for this case.

Vyapam is short form of Vyavsayik Pariksha Mandal which is the Hindi term of Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board (MPPEB).

The undeserved candidate gives the amount to the MPPEB officials to give them the top rank and the seat. The officials reveal the answer key or candidate may be change during examination or at the correction they will be given high mark to get selected. All this fraud activities are undergoing in this Vyapam scam.

Hundreds of people were arrested and enquiries are carried out. In the investigation CBI finds many politicians are involved in this scam.

On June 2015 the enquiry became serious that more than 2000 people were arrested and enquired. In the July 2015 there are many suspicious deaths of the persons who involved in the scam.

The BJP leader Laksmikant Sharma who has been the heading MPPEB has been arrested for his involvement in teachers recruitment scam. Many big shots including business men, police higher officials were arrested in this scam.

Several middle men and illegal organized groups were involved in this scam. The people who involved and who is the evidence and who has been investigated in this Vyapam scam are facing death one by one. The death is nearing 50 and may increase.

Behind Vyapam Scam Truth Reveals

Behind Vyapam Scam Truth Reveals