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Blue Whale Challenge Hits Tamil Nadu

Blue Whale Challenge Hits Tamil Nadu

Blue Whale Challenge Hits Tamil Nadu

A 19-year-old student Vignesh from Thirumangalam, Madurai was found hanging himself on Wednesday at 4:15 am. He is a 2nd year student at Mannar College in Madurai.

Police found an image and letters of blue whale on his left hand that was carved using blade. There was also note left at the spot stating 'Blue Whale is not a game but danger. Once you enter, you can never exit'.

On the inquiry, it is reported Vignesh is found spending more time on his phone in recent times. Parents are requested to watch their kids closely and keep eyes on the behavior.

The game was first originated in Russia in 2013. Philipp Budeikin, the creator of the game had been prisoned for 3 years in jail. Philipp said this game was created to eliminate people who are unwanted and cause harm to the society. Recently a 17-year-old girl was arrested in Russia who was known as death group administrator and was responsible for setting tasks and threatening teenagers to complete the tasks.

It is a dangerous game that leads children to commit suicide. There are 50 tasks to complete in 50 days. It was first noted in India when the 14-year-old boy jumps from the storey in Mumbai. The boy's last word with picture is 'Soon the one thing you would be left with is a picture of me'. Several teenagers suicide and the attempt of it were reported across India.

The curator asks the player to perform each task daily. They slowly include the dangerous tasks of harming oneself drawing blue whale image in the arm using blade. The final task is to commit suicide. The various other tasks include travelling alone, watching horror movies alone, hearing mind disturbing songs, spending night in cemeteries and others.

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Blue Whale Challenge Hits Tamil Nadu

Blue Whale Challenge Hits Tamil Nadu