Boycott Chinese Products Tag Spreading On Social Media

       Published : Oct 05, 2016 16:37 IST    

Boycott Chinese Products Tag Spreading On Social Media

China had blocked one of the major tributaries of the River Brahmaputra for the multi-purpose project of constructing mega dam. River Bharmaputra is one of the major rivers across Asia that travels through 4 countries China, India, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

It originates on the Chemayungdung Glacier located on the northern side of the Himalayas in Burang County of Tibet. It enters India via Arunachal Pradesh.

China had built its first dam across River Bhamaputra in Zangmu in 2010. Three more small scale dams Dagu, Jiacha, and Jeixu are under construction.

The Lalho project across Xiabuqu River in Xigaze is on progress that is very close to Sikkim. They have blocked the tributary for this project construction where about 300 cusecs of water can be stored and can irrigate about 30000 hectares. They also say they are constructing this project for the hydro electric power. The project demands about 740 million dollars which was planned to complete by 2019.

There are unease to India fearing the building of dam might reduce the flow of water in Bharmaputhra. The economy of the states Arunachal Pradesh and Assam are based on the agriculture and it depends on the river.

China had just blocked the India's movie in UN to decorate Massod Azhar as a terrorist. Following India's surgical, the announcement of blocking the water for constructing dam made people anger. Former Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi has requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to intervene and take up the matter with the neighboring country.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping is set to meet on the occasion of BRICS summit in Goa on October 18.

Boycott Chinese Products Tag Spreading On Social Media

Boycott Chinese Products Tag Spreading On Social Media

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