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Bulandshahr Gangrape 5 Accused Arrested

Bulandshahr Gangrape 5 Accused Arrested

Bulandshahr Gangrape 5 Accused Arrested

The family had threatened suicide if the attackers were not punished in 3 months. The father, mother and their teenage girl were assaulted in the national high way at Bulandshahr district in Uttar Pradesh. The gang of six to eight members took 35-year-old women and her daughter and raped them.

The family travelled in the car in the highway to attend the funeral all the way from Noida to Shahjahanpur at 1:00am. The gang attacked their car with iron rod and stopped it. They were looted and beaten up from the car and dragged them allegedly.

The five accused who were arrested on Monday identified by the family. Five officials were suspended by Uttar Pradesh government who were failed in their duty. They include SSP, SP City, CO, SOS of two police stations. When the family called 100 quickly after the incident there is no response they did not attend the call says the report.

The big question is why this incident which was horribly going on for 4 to 5 hours went on unnoticed by the police who go on regular patrolling in the NH.

The spot was also investigated by Noida special Task Force and district forensic department for evidence. After 3 days from the crime a gold chain and a purse were spotted at the place says the report.

The accused belong to Bawariya gang who were said to be worst gang in crimes. They are a nomadic criminal tribe involved in various types of crimes like murder, theft, rape and others for decades. They were known in different names in various places. They usual attack houses near railway tracks and lone houses in high ways. They usually split into groups of each containing at least 5 members.

Police were largely involved in getting the remaining and they have taken major operations under the direct control of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav.

The whole family remain shocked still. The victim asks how we would go to our house where we lived for many years at Noida. This incident is known to everybody now. The teen age girl had still not eaten anything after the horrifying incident said the report. They are staying in victim's friend house who is also asking him to leave his house. The girl and mother are being treated in the hospital.

The father of the teen age said that if the accused not hanged in 3 months he threatened to commit suicide with his family. The accused want to be punished by his wife and daughter he said.

Bulandshahr Gangrape 5 Accused Arrested

Bulandshahr Gangrape 5 Accused Arrested