Cattle Slaughter Ban In India

       Published : May 27, 2017 14:39 IST    

Cattle Slaughter Ban In India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi government had announced on Friday restrictions for the sale of cattle. It has banned the sale of cows, camels and buffaloes for sales for meat.

The government says these restrictions bring end of uncontrolled animal trade and illegal slaughtering.

A report says, only 30 percent of cattle slaughtered is used for meat and other 70 percent is traded for industries to make various types of products.

Now, selling, transporting and eating of the cow meat on a non-bailable offence and the person can be punishable up to 10 years in jail.

Lots of paper works will be included in buying and selling of cows. It will be implemented in next 3 months. Maharashtra set example for protecting cows against slaughter but it is said they are major exporter of beef from Buffaloes industry. As per statistics, India is being 2nd largest exporter of beef.

There are high protests from the meat export organization in the country while activists welcomed the move.

Uttar Pradesh had first started ban on Cow slaughters and it spreads nationwide to protect live stocks. There are high protest from the meat export organization in the country while activists welcomed the move.

The Union Minister Meenaka Gandhi says 'Government had reinforced already existing law and it is for the betterment of farmers.'

Kerala Government strictly opposes the new rules and it's CM Pinarayi Vijayan is to write for Prime Minister regarding the state objection over it.

Tamil Nadu CM Palanisamy said the government will read the full rules and will share its status.

Cattle Slaughter Ban In India

Cattle Slaughter Ban In India

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