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CB-CID Investigation on DSP Vishnu Priya Suicide

A 27 year old police DSP Vishnu Priya suicide case is handled to the CB-CID. Police denies the charges of harassment by her superiors.

Superintendent of police S.R. Senthilkumar rejects the charges claimed by her family members and friends that she was harassed by superiors.

Tiruchengode DSP Vishnu Priya committed suicide on September 18th 2015 in her quarters. CB-CID team inquired all the police officers and staffs in the quarters and office camps at Tiruchengode.

Her father Ravi and her friend as well as police officer Uma Maheshwari who was inquired by CB-CID team said she was harassed by her superiors in the case of young Dalit murder case. She had written 16 pages letter that her murder does not relate to the case and this was her third attempt of suicide. She had also stated she wished to become police officer but she was unfit for the police.

Vishnu Priya's family and friends reports that she was under pressure of arresting the innocent people in the murder case. Police have taken the letters and files from Vishnu Priya quarters after her death. It is said that some pages of that letter is not shown to her family members. It should be noted many were arrested in Gokulraj case and considered as the main accused Yuvaraj is still not been arrested.

According to the NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) it was reported that from 2006 to 2013 every year average of 27 cops is committing suicides in Tamilnadu. Totally 216 police killed themselves in Tamilnadu in 8 years. Tamilnadu is being second in cop suicide next to Maharashtra.

CB-CID Investigation on DSP Vishnu Priya Suicide

CB-CID Investigation on DSP Vishnu Priya Suicide

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