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Center Vowed Supreme Court That It Will Not Touch Ram Sethu

Center Vowed Supreme Court That It Will Not Touch Ram Sethu

The central government had made a Promise in Supreme Court on Friday that Ram Sethu or Adam's Bridge won't be destroyed for the Sethusamuthra project at the Palk Straight.

The Central Ruling BJP had appeared today in the Supreme Court bench led by Chief Justice Deepak Mishra with an affidavit filed to reply Subramanian Swamy's petition. Subramanian Swamy filed a stay petition over the Sethusamutharm canal project that was planned to build on Ram Sethu at Palk Straight. The centre said that as an interest of the Nation the quit the idea of dismantling Ram Sethu for the Shipping canal project and the centre is planning for another alternative plan for the project that won't disturb the Adam's Bridge or Ram Sethu.

Ram Sethu is a 'Mythological Bridge' that considered to be built by Lord Ram during the Ramayana era. It was often called as Rama Bridge. The Sethusamuthram Project is a shipping canal project through the Rama Bridge that was proposed in the period of Congress rule at central government and DMK rule at Tamil Nadu state government a decade ago.

Once, the Ram Sethu played as a primary matchstick that lights the collusion between Theists and Atheists of India about the Ram Sethu's construction work and its engineers. Some believe that the bridge was completely built by Rama and his Vanara Sena (An army of Monkeys). Some people in politics even started to fight that the Sethusamuthram project will collapse down the evidence of Lord Rama's existence and debated for the project's stay but they failed to open their mouth for the destruction of Babri Masjid.

In a previous research, a group of scientist claimed that the Ram Sethu is about 5000 years old however the discovery had coincided with the period of Ramayana by some people. But again a few months back a group of research scholars from Madras University collected the samples from the Ram Sethu at its various places and reported that the age of Ram Sethu was even older than everyone taught.

The research scholars said that it was 18,400 years old and also extended their view that some of its regions have been slipped off from the adherence might be due to an earthquake. But geographically the area was considered as a seismically passive region that no quake or tsunami could hit. But the scholars submitted some records of Indonesian science articles that poured out with the evidence of an extreme magnitude earthquake in the region of Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Thailand about 700 years back. Again the calculated new age of Ram Sethu had pushed up the debate between the believers and non-believers of god over the existence of Lord Rama.

Center Vowed Supreme Court That It Will Not Touch Ram Sethu