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Central Gave A Positive Nod For Theni Neutrino Project

Central Gave A Positive Nod For Theni Neutrino Project

Central Gave A Positive Nod For Theni Neutrino Project

The Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change has shown a green signal to the Neutrino Observatory project that to be set up in an Ecological area of Theni district. The green nod had brought many scientist and researchers to jump in curiosity on another side the nod posed as a ticket to hell for the people of Theni, who are opposing the project since 2007.

On Monday the director of MoEF&CC had written a letter of confirmation to the director of Indian Based Neutrino by clearing all formalities for the project. The letter also said that the water needs of the plant can be obtained from Mullai Periyar dam but the water should be in the limit as the amount of water should not exceed 340 litter per day. The Sewage water should be taken under three-way purification system like ultraviolet filtration methods and that water should be used for fleshing and plantation. The letter stated that the management of INO should plant three saplings for every tree they cut down while constructing the lab.

The ministry ordered the INO that the letter should be published in at least two news publications and it must be displayed by the state's TNPCB, the district collector of Theni and the thasildar of that talk.

The union ministry also warned the INO that it has the rights to impose additional safety measures and it will take necessary actions over the management of INO if it revokes any law of Environmental ACT of 1986.    

The India-based Neutrino Observatory project had been proposed in 2006 and get suspended for a decade after oppositions erupted against its initiation. The social activists of Tamil Nadu stood up against the project as it was completely overriding the existing environmental laws of India and it will spoil the ecological system of the site.

The Tata Institue of Fundamental research had proposed the project previously as it would be an Indian version of Switzerland CERN laboratory. For this project, a mountain in the Western Ghats had been chosen in Pottipuram village of Uthamapalayam taluk of Theni district. The place is also marked by the UNESCO as "hotspot of biological diversity".

The social activist is making their objection to the project as the Union ministry that gave a green node to the project had not called any public for considering their opinion as it will stop the motion of the project.

The project is planned to construct at a location that is very close to Mathikettan Shola National Park, Mullai Periyar Dam, Vaigai Dam, Idukki dame of Kerala. The project was planned to construct at 5300 ft beneath the mountain. The explosives that are used for construction purposes may induce an artificial seismicity shake.

By regretting the protests and opposition of many public, the central ministry had pushed the project into Tamil Nadu in a insisting way. A strong condemnation and opposition had been marked again by G Sundar Rajan, founder of Poovulagin Nanbargal, an eco-friendly NGO who gathered every NGOs against the neutrino project previously. 

Central Gave A Positive Nod For Theni Neutrino Project