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Central had Withdrawn The New Guidelines Of Curbing Fake News

On Tuesday, the Central government had withdrawn the amendment that imposed the cancellation of PIB accreditation of a Journalist in the mean of curbing Fake News. The News has been tweeted by BJP minister Smriti Irani via Twitter that as per the advice of PM Narendra Modi the MIB had decided to withdraw the new amendment over fake news that prosed on Monday. The Central rule seems decided to withdraw the new rule following many oppositions raised around the guidelines and staged up a serious debate on freedom of speech. 

Smriti Irani, Central Minister of Information and Broadcasting Ministry of India had published complete guidelines for Journalists through a press meet on Monday. The minister submitted the guidelines by citing the increasing fake news crisis in the nation and the central government had amended strong rules to curb the fake news telecasts.

The Ministry had warned the journalists through the new rule that the Press Information Bureau (PIB) accreditation will be permanently suspended off if a journalist found guilty of publishing any fake news. 

According to the ministry's guidelines, the PIB accreditation of a journalist will be suspended for six months for the first violation or the first fake news. There will be a year accreditation suspension for the second violation and the accreditation will be permanently cancelled at the third violation. 

This sudden act of Indian Government for preventing the fake news telecasting came after the arrest of Mahesh Vikram Hedge, the founder of the Postcard one of the online news portal for telecasting fake news.

After the announcement of Indian government about the new journalist norms, enough doubts and credits erupted out via twitter. Ahmad Patel one of the spokespeople of Indian National Congress tweeted that the new norms may be utilized by miscreants against genuine journalists and it may lead them to further harassments in future. He also asked that who is the responsible body to investigate a fake news? and how it will be guaranteed that this new law could not be misused for filing a motivated complaint against a journalist? Following Ahmad Patel, a senior journalist Shekar Gupta referred the new law imposed on journalists is a breathtaking assault on the mainstream media.

Smriti Irani replied to one of the tweets on Ahamed Patel that the Press Council of India (PCI) and National Broadcasting Association will investigate the truth behind any fake news. She also said in her tweet that both firms were not controlled by the government of India.

However, the new norms will not affect any non-accredited journalists and publications. Now the Minister of Information and Broadcasting Bureau had tweeted that she requested journalistic body to join together to support curbing the fake news. 

Central had Withdrawn The New Guidelines Of Curbing Fake News

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