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Chennai Corporation Setting Up A Traffic Rule Children Park

Children's park with traffic Signals. Chennai plans to educate the future generation.

In a Recent interview of the Chennai Corporation authority, it is informed that the Chennai Corporation had allocated Rs.1.85 crore for setting up a children's park that about to discuss the traffic rules an regulations to the kids.

The authorities of Chennai Corporation told the press that the new innovative idea emerged out to educate the future generation about the traffic rules and regulations to maintain proper order in the future city. This idea is an outcome of many efforts to control the mortality rate in road accidents and to make the younger generation's future an accident-free generation.

A vacant area has been acquired between Napier bridge and the Anna Memorial to set up the park. The place has been chosen to attract the tourists, parents and their kids who are visiting the Marina beach said the corporation authorities. They also said that the Honda Motors Pvt Ltd joined their hands with the Chennai Corporation to execute this idea. The Honda motors have vowed to provide their tech experience to build the park and the Chennai Corporation has passed orders over the tender that was acquired by Honda Motors.

The authorities said that the park will be constructed with roads and traffic signals all over the park. The children will be provided with cycles to make the road by obeying the road signs. This new trial will be more helpful for the kids to grab the traffic rules as quickly as possible and this move will insist them to obey every traffic rules when they become older. Short films about traffic rules are also be planned to screen out in the park for the kids and parents.

Recently the Tamil Nadu police department had passed a strict order that no persons to raid a motor vehicle under the age of 18. the police department also warned the parents that they will face fine and jail sentence if they failed to prevent their kids from driving a motor vehicle.

The police department had made a strong move towards the current generation kids to prevent them from meeting with accidents.


Chennai Corporation Setting Up A Traffic Rule Children Park

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