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Chennai Cyclone Present Status

Chennai Cyclone Present Status

Chennai Cyclone Present Status

More than 20 centimetres of rainfall was recorded in past 24 hours. As per the sources, Chennai gets heaviest rainfall widespread. Due to cyclone Laila that hit the city on May 20th 2010 received heavy rainfall and this record was broken now by this cyclone Roanu. This is recorded as the highest rainfall in May month after several years.

Cyclone formed at Bay of Bengal at 70 km east of Chennai that is slowly moving to the north Andhra. As per the latest report cyclone is said to be moving north east towards Bangladesh, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh.

But as per Skymet Weather Chennai have been put to cyclone alert for next 48 hours. In 21 hours, 101 mm of rain has been recorded. It is expected more showers in next 24 hours.

Rain waters are logging in several areas. We cannot forget Chennai that was affected by flood last year December. Over 20 days Chennai has been surrounded by water and people suffered a lot. More than 350 people lost their lives in the floods.

Coastal areas are affected by this present cyclonic rains and it is expected to continue to another 48 hours. Fisherman was warned not to go into the sea for next 48 hours. Heavy rainfall is predicted in the coastal regions of Andhra.

Many people is scared about this rain and hope all rains will not be as like as December 2015.

Actor Samuthirakani tweeted for people safety in current rain in Chennai

Chennai Cyclone Present Status

Chennai Cyclone Present Status