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Chennai Floods 2015

Chennai Floods 2015

Last time, a week before due to heavy rain, Chennai was severely affected. The heavy rainfall in Chennai and its surroundings vastly affected the people who are in coastal regions in the city and more over the water had entered in to the residential areas in various places. The level of water had increased 3 cm above the sea level last time.

This time the rainfall is much more than the previous one.  More rainfall was recorded than before. It pushed the people in deadly situation. Many areas were severely flooded with water, people can't go outside their house. Buses and trains were halted in an area. Many vehicles were caught into the traffic for many hours continuously. Airport remain closed due to heavy flood inside the field and they announced to open on December 5.

Lakes in and around Chennai is out of its level which overflowed and reached the residential areas. Many houses are submerged under the water. People were left in a critical situation losing all there things and left even without food. Schools, colleges and other educational institutes are closed from Monday. Half yearly Examinations at schools are postponed to January.

Andhra Pradesh also has the heavy rainfall. The water is full in all the Dams, rivers and lakes in that state. The excess water from the dam is opened, it also affects Chennai vastly.

There were also huge power cut in the city. Almost whole day people were without the electricity. Considering the people works, electricity board is supplying few hours power to not affected regions at Chennai to take over their basic purpose. One of the reason to Power cut in all areas are flooded and EB lines may be dipped in water which is most dangerous. Also trees are broken down in many areas that affected the EB lines.

Vandaloor Zoo is closed, there is a fear of animal escape in the Zoo. The officials had made all the necessary precautionary arrangements. Mostly the areas which is lower in their ground level are affected, the areas which has high ground level is affected less. The weather forecast predicted the rainfall will continue for coming days. Jaya TV and Puthiya Thalaimurai channels were halted their shows.

Some Photos of People affected by Floods at Chennai

IMG-20151201-WA0040 Chennai Floods 2015 Chennai Floods 2015 Chennai Floods 2015   Chennai Floods in apartment IMG-20151201-WA0047  Chennai road FloodsChennai roads damaged in Floods 2015chennai floods road trafficChennai Floods boatingIMG-20151201-WA0044IMG-20151201-WA0045Chennai Floods Car sinkedIMG-20151201-WA0067IMG-20151201-WA0068IMG-20151202-WA0007IMG-20151202-WA0008IMG-20151202-WA0009IMG-20151202-WA0010

[caption id='attachment_1153' align='alignnone' width='300']Chennai Floods 2015 Car parking Chennai Floods 2015[/caption]


Celebrities are coming forward to help the affected people. Rescue team and Volunteers are extending their full help to the affected people. Army men were also involved in the rescue operation. Boats and helicopters are seen to help the people caught in the flood.

Chennai Floods 2015


Chennai Floods 2015