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Chennai Marina Oil Spill – Cleaning Process

Chennai Marina Oil Spill – Cleaning Process

The collision of 2 ships MT BW Maple carrying liquefied petroleum gas and MT Dawn Kanchipuram, an oil tanker at Bay of Bengal led to the massive oil spill spread at the Ennore sea shore to Marina coastal regions. As a 4th day the cleaning process is done by Indian coastal guards, volunteers and group of young fishermen.

Thick greyish layer formed in the coastal regions where 20 tonnes of oil has been spilled. They are using 3 big pipe suckers to remove oil from the sea. National Oil Spill Disaster Contingency Plan (NOSDCP) has estimate oil spill up to 700 Metric Tonnes.

The coastal guard team says they will deploy about 2000 people to remove the oil spill from Feb 1st. They were also using the giant sucker machines to remove it. The team gathered in Bharathiyar Nagar at Ennore. Lots of volunteers are doing their job best. But still there is no sign of ending the job. They fear the work may continue for a week still. The local fisher men were highly affected by this oil spill. Their daily life is much affected. They did not go for fishing from Saturday after the mishap occurred at early morning.

Fisheries minister D Jayakumar assured fishermen will be provided compensation for 10 days of their livelihood.

Meanwhile the people in the state think this big issue is not in the lime light of National media. Several sea animals including fishes, tortoises are found death drastically at the sea shore. It is a massive environment disaster where experts warn it is not just a localized disaster it will have impact in food chains. The oil contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon and benzene that will not disappear and may cause cancer they say.

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Chennai Marina Oil Spill – Cleaning Process

Chennai Marina Oil Spill – Cleaning Process

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