Chennai Train Robbery: RBI Rs 342 crores on Board

       Published : Aug 10, 2016 13:33 IST    

Chennai Train Robbery: RBI Rs 342 crores on Board

Salem to Chennai express which carried Reserve Bank of India amount of Rs. 342 crores were targeted for robbery Monday night. The officials found that two boxes have been tampered and they estimated 5.75 crores were robbed.

One of the trains' coach at rear was filled with 226 boxes of Reserve Bank cash which was targeted to rob. The thieves drilled hole on the top of the coach and entered the compartment where the boxes are kept. Two boxes are opened on top of it which out disturbing its seal.

The media was unclear that how robbers drilled the hole when the security personnel including higher police officials are guarding the boxes. The train was currently stationed at Egmore station in Chennai. Investigations are carried out by Railway Protection Force.

The robbery was noted when the train reached Chennai at about 4:00 am on Tuesday morning. The exact amount robbed was not clear. The officials say the exact amount will be cleared only when the money is counted. This is the first such robbery happened in moving train told the officials.

The robbers must been used steel cutters, welding machines to make square shaped roof hole where one man can get in. The train was halted at Virudhachalam at around 1:30 pm where the engine was changed says the report. The train started from Salem at 9 pm which was stopped at least in 10 places and scheduled to reach Chennai at 4:15 pm.

CCTV videos of all stations were being examined to find any clue of robbers.

Chennai Train Robbery: RBI Rs 342 crores on Board

Chennai Train Robbery: RBI Rs 342 crores on Board

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