Cochin International Airport has become Worlds first Solar Airport

       Published : Aug 21, 2015 11:48 IST    

Cochin International Airport has become World's first Solar Airport to operate completely based on solar energy in Kerala, India on Tuesday 18th August.

Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chanday had inaugurated 12 MWp Solar Plant near Cargo terminal. The project set has about 46,150 solar panels in 45 acres. The airport gets electricity nearly 60000 units everyday from this project. Chief Minister says to the press that it is the World’s first solar Airport that operates completely on solar energy. Airport handles 170 flights daily and about 70 lakh people in a year.

The project taken a step-by-step work and reach the target. It is a great work made by the Kerala Government joined with private sector.

Initially Airport was set 100 kWp solar photovoltaic (PV) plant on March 2013 on the roof top of the terminal. After the success of this plant they installed 1 MWp solar PV plant both in roof top and partially at the ground followed by the 12 MWp solar PV plant on 2015.

The experts say this project could reduce the carbon emission of around 3 lakh tones is equal to planting 3 million trees in 25 years. This project can give electricity more than the requirement and remaining can be sold to the electricity board. The project cost Rs. 658 Million. Airport says that the money that was spent can be compensated by saving the energy within 5 years.

Delhi International Airport generates 2.1 MWp and Mumbai Airport generates 650 KWp of Solar power.

Cochin International Airport has become Worlds first Solar Airport

Cochin International Airport has become Worlds first Solar Airport

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