Coimbatore attempts the Largest Recycling Lesson in Guinness record

       Published : Aug 06, 2015 09:52 IST    

On August 5th 2015, the Coimbatore Corporation had organized the Largest Recycling lesson where 45 schools and 10 colleges attended the class and benefited.

Totally 12,994 students took part in that event at Codissia Trade Fair complex. They were separated as 50 students in each batch. The session went on for 55 minutes. In the session the students were educated about how to segregate recycling and non recycling waste.

The session was held through power point presentation. The adjudicator set by the Guinness was there to monitor the event. Rapid Action Force (RAF) is also functioning in the event. For each batch of students there is a RAF guard to watch the students for observing the lesson. Guinness team also set the bar code system to monitor the strength of the students.

If 5% of students are found to be not observing the class this event will not set the Guinness Record.

Corporate Commissioner K Vijaykarthikeyan stated to the press that he had received the provisional certificated for setting the world record for Largest Recycling Lesson by Coimbatore Corporation. This is to be reviewed and analyzed by the experts in UK.

He also said that they have planned to set the team that will go door to door and observe whether this event reached the public.

The students participated in the event took the valuable lesson. The participants say to the media that they were much benefited by this, they even didn't know what is Recycling the waste before. Now they can understand and will follow this in their house and carry these things to their schools, colleges and neighbors.

The teachers participated in the event also says that they were very interested listening the lesson which is useful to them and they assured that they will follow it and take it to the students and public.

Coimbatore attempts the Largest Recycling Lesson in Guinness record

Coimbatore attempts the Largest Recycling Lesson in Guinness record

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