Coimbatore Develops Strong Force against Illegal Transport of Cattle

       Published : Jul 25, 2015 11:55 IST    

Thousands of students from Coimbatore joined together with Coimbatore Cattle Care Welfare Trust (CCCWT). This organization had seized thousands of cattle which were transported illegally dumping many animals in one truck.

Due to this action many cattle traders and brochures rolled down the shutters in order to show their opposition. In spite of this the college students were speedy in action.

On Sunday, they are organizing the event at Hindustan College of Arts and Science where actor Vishal is to take part in this. The animal right activists are also expected to take part in this event.

The student who is also the event organizer said that “Students from various institutes are called to take part in that event to show their objection to the cruelty against animals. Students are expected to be more than 6000 in and around Coimbatore and more than 3000 students from other district.”

On that event the students will be educated how to act upon the cruelty against animals caused during transportation.

During transportation of animals many traders load as much as possible nearly 30 to 40 cows which are very illegal. The animals were being ill-treated; it is also a living being that has sense and pain. We hope this event make a changes in the transportation of animals.

The volunteers says we are not against the animal owners who sells the aged or ill ones to the butchers or traders or who consuming it. The protest is against the cruelty happening for them while transportation.

In spite of this words given by the protesters many butchers and cow traders announced to stage against the animal protection activists near the event undergoing college. The Tamilnadu Cow Traders Association given the petition to the district administration for relaxing the norms for transportation.

Coimbatore Develops Strong Force against Illegal Transport of Cattle

Coimbatore Develops Strong Force against Illegal Transport of Cattle

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