Cyclone Vardah Effects After Hitting Coastal Regions

       Published : Dec 12, 2016 16:45 IST    

Cyclone Vardah Effects After Hitting Coastal Regions

The vigorous cyclone Vardah hits the coastal regions today at noon. It is crossing the land mark with about 120 kmph speed of storm and heavy rainfall. Chennai and the places near the coastal regions witness heavy rainfall with furious storm. Due to this storm trees were uprooted in several places. Many branches of trees were broken at several places. As per the sources about 100+ trees were bowed down from its roots.

Most of the roads were blocked. People are diverted in various places. There are also land fall in Chennai. Chennai suburban railway networks suspended till further notice. Some trains are diverted and some was cancelled.

Tamil Nadu State Disaster Management Agency requested people to share information on their social media block or using hashtag #Treefall. They requested people not out move out until further announcement.

Cyclone Vardah is creating worst impact at the city. Hoardings and Antennas are flying away, hotel windows ripped off, petrol pump damaged and trees are uprooting. Celebrities warn the people to be stayed inside the house. They also urge people to share help lines to others.

AIADMK announces 'Amma canteen is open throughout the city, food will be provided free of cost to all #cyclonevardah'.

Ruling party say to do the following

1. Dont venture outside until officially advise it is safe to do so.

2. Strictly avoid any loose and dangling wires from lamp posts.

3. If you have to drive, do drive carefully.

4. Switch off the electrical mains in your house.

5. Keep your cellphones and emergency light fully charged.

6. Make provisions for children and aults requiring special diets.

7. Keep medicine special food for babies and children or elders.

8. Remain calm.

Help lines for Chennai

044 - 25619206, 25619511, 25384965, 25383694, 25367823, 25387570

Whats App number: 9445477207, 9445477203, 9445477206, 9445477201, 9445477205


1077, 1070


1077, 04142 220700, 231666

Andhra Pradesh

0866 2488000

Cyclone Vardah Effects After Hitting Coastal Regions

Cyclone Vardah Effects After Hitting Coastal Regions

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