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Delhi University Student Killed By Stranger Using Dating App

Photo Credit - ayush.nautiyal.94 (Facebook)

Photo Credit - ayush.nautiyal.94 (Facebook)

A 21-year old Delhi University student Ayush who was kidnapped on March 21, was found dead in a drain in Southwest Delhi's Palam Village on March 28. 

On March 21 eve, Dinesh Nautiyal, Ayush father got a WhatsApp message with a picture of his son being injured on head and mouth concealed. The kidnapper messaged the picture through Ayush's phone and demanded Rs 50 lakh amount to relieve him. Dinesh Nautiyal immediately advanced to Police to register an FIR. Being directed by Police, Dinesh Nautiyal negotiated with the kidnapper through WhatsApp and brought down the amount from 50 lakhs to 10 lakhs. 

On March 25, the kidnapper asked the victim's family to come to Dwarka. On reaching Dwarka, the family was asked to come to Mohan Garden but they could not meet him. Again, they were asked to come to Munirka on March 26 but the kidnapper had not turned up. Then the kidnapper had not contacted their parents. On the very next day, Ayush body was found in a drain, according to the reports from police sources.

During the police investigation, it was found that Ayush's phone was turned off and the kidnapper was using only Whatsapp calling and messaging and many CCTV footages were scanned to find any trace of Ayush. Also, based on the technical surveillance reports, police identified Ali, residing in Uttam Nagar. When Ali was enquired about Ayush death, he accepted the committed crime of killing him.

Joint Commissioner of Police, Ajay Chaudhary said, the accused Ali and the victim Ayush were in touch for 10 days through a "dating app" and they met each other thrice. After an argument between Ali and Ayush, Ali kidnapped him on March 21 and on the next day, Ayush died after a death blow by Ali using a hammer. In order to dispose of Ayush body, Ali had tried to deviate his parents asking them to come to various places.   

Ayush family slammed Police Investigation mentioning that Police were careless in dealing with the case initially.

Delhi University Student Killed By Stranger Using Dating App