DMK Leader Karunanidhi Is Unwell

       Published : Oct 25, 2016 17:37 IST    

DMK Leader Karunanidhi Is Unwell

Tamil Nadu DMK party had announced its leader Karunanidhi is ill due to some allergies development. The sources say he is affected by allergies due to his continuous intake of some medicines. Doctors had advised him to take rest.

For past some days DMK leader Karunanidhi had been affected by allergies. Visitors are avoided to meet him for some days. They are requested to avoid their visit to meet him. For past few days he had not attended any of the events or any party meeting. His photos with party men which earlier regulated in the social media pages could not been seen.

The 92-years-old leader had restlessly worked for the party. Even today he used to wake up in early morning and read all newspapers. He used to attend the functions for near ones and party men. In recent days he avoided such functions due to his illness.

After the surgery in the backbone in 2009 he is suffering from minor problems in his health. He used to go Ramchandra hospital in Chennai for regular check up and for treatments when he was ill. He had been admitted for 45 days in hospital for that surgery.

Due to stomach pain he had admitted in Apollo hospital in the year 2012. Following that he also had urinary infection and got treated.

He has been taking medicines regularly for many reasons. One of these drugs did not fit his conditions and created allergies say the sources.

DMK Leader Karunanidhi Is Unwell

DMK Leader Karunanidhi Is Unwell

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