DNA test Proved Sheena Bora is Daughter of Indrani Mukarjee

       Published : Sep 08, 2015 09:52 IST    

The skull and bones found near the Mumbai proves Sheena Bora is daughter of Indrani Mukarjee who was suspected in her daughter's murder.

Sheena Bora skull and bones were recovered from the Raigad forest area which is near Mumbai, Maharastra has undergone the DNA test with Indrani Mukarjee DNA samples. DNA test proved that Sheena Bora is daughter of Indrani Mukarjee who married Peter Mukerjee, former Chief Executive Officer of Star India.

Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria is monitoring closely the investigation carried out by the Mumbai police team.

Sheena Bora was last seen in April 2012. She was introduced to the world as the sister of Indrani. She had love affair and engaged with Peter Mukerjee's son Rahul Mukerjee.

Indrani with former husband Sanjeev Khanna and her driver Shayam Rai were arrested and inquired by the police officers. Police says Seena was abducted by Indrani and her former husband Sanjeev Khanna and driver Shayam Rai.

The DNA test confirms recovered bones and skull belongs to Seena who was murdered and the body was fired. It also proves the DNA matches the DNA of Indrani Mukarjee and shows she is the mother of Sheena.

There was also two main people evidence who witness the unusual behavior of Indrani on the event night.  One is the petrol bunk attendant who given 10 litres in a cane to Indrani and other one is bag shop worker, Indrani shopped a big bag.  That shop keeper got more profit and carried that huge bag to her car made him to remember the incident.

The police also traced some of the messages from Indrani which confirms Sheena has been kept prisoner by her for a year.

Indrani Mukerjee was arrested two weeks ago by Mumbai police for suspecting she has murdered her daughter Seena Bora in 2012.

DNA test Proved Sheena Bora is Daughter of Indrani Mukarjee

DNA test Proved Sheena Bora is Daughter of Indrani Mukarjee

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