DSP Vishnupriya Parents Demand CBI investigation

       Published : Sep 19, 2015 16:30 IST    

DSP Vishnu priya was most dedicated person in her works and never get involved into any family issues or love matter, she agreed to search alliance for marriage too but police officers said suicide reason was about family problem which was written in her dairy, said by her parents. Also, she wrote more than 10 pages saying sorry about her suicide but her parents said they received only few pages of the note but police officers did not show rest of pages.

DSP Vishnupriya parents could not tolerate her own daughter suicide and still not able to come out form that incidents, did not sign for Post-mortem and requested CBI investigation. Also, Post-mortem should be done in-front of their lawyers, Doctors for any available evidence.

Sources said most probably this is due to murder case of a Dalit youth Gokulraj and immense pressure that still main person Yuvaraj not yet arrested. DSP vishnu priya received calls from accused person Yuvaraj and she requested many times to surrender but he refused due to Case was aligned in different angle. Due to Yuvaraj frequent changes in hideouts, police team could not catch him. Many got arrested from Sankari, Tiruchengode areas who ever received and dialed calls to Yuvaraj and was under custody for few days but still no evidence to catch Yuvaraj.

May God rest her soul in peace and give strength to family members to bear this irreparable loss...

DSP Vishnupriya Parents Demand CBI investigation


DSP Vishnupriya Parents Demand CBI investigation

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