DSP Vishnupriya speaks to Murder accused Yuvaraj Audio

       Published : Sep 28, 2015 12:57 IST    

Yuvaraj who is considered as the master brain the young dalit Gokulraj murder in Tiruchengode is being searched by the police. He is the wanted key accused in this murder case who is the founder of Dheeran Chinamalai Gounder Peravai.

Yuvaraj sent an audio to the police containing the conversation between DSP Vishnupriya and him. Vishnupriya, a 27 years young DSP who was handling this case had committed suicide on September 18.

Yuvaraj calls and says this is Yuvaraj on the other side Vishnupriya says she is under pressure due to this case. She says him to surrender and to face the case as per the law as he was a law student. Vishnupriya guaranties him the case will be carried out as per the law and if he surrenders she assures him to cancel all the Goondas cases filed on everyone. For one man there is so many sufferings here she said on the phone.

Yuvaraj says he was ready to surrender as she assured him earlier that the case will be preceded as per the law but he changed his decision when men got arrested on foisted cases.

The audio was released by him to prove DSP Vishnupriya was tortured by her higher officials. In the audio he sent he also says action should be taken against the higher police officer who hazarded DSP Vishnupriya which found her no way other than suicide.

DSP Vishnupriya speaks to Murder accused Yuvaraj Audio

DSP Vishnupriya speaks to Murder accused Yuvaraj Audio

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