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DSP Vishnupriya Suicide Case Developments

DSP Vishnupriya Suicide Case Developments

The Deputy Superintend of Police Vishnupriya hanged herself in her quarters on September 18 left the whole Tamilnadu Police into shock. Her relatives and friends blames as immense pressure to her in Gokulraj case by higher police officials made her to take this decision.

On Friday, DSP Vishnupriya's father Ravi gave petition to High Court that his daughter has been pressured in Gokulraj case to commit suicide and he had lost hope in CB-CID investigation.

The justice P.N Prakash assured him HC will monitor the CB-CID investigation on this case and asked him not to politicize the matter.

The petitioner stated 'there is no free and proper investigation and he had lost the faith in it,' and seeks CBI investigation on this case. Ravi says SP had informed me about that her daughter hanged over in closed room and left apology letters to his parents. DSP father asks how he could know this as apology letter when he asked me to open.

'We cannot go on suspecting all police officials and the case cannot be ordered for investigation by Scotland Yard police for every case,' judge observed.

On Monday, Chief justice S Malarmathy issued arrest warrant against Yuvaraj, a main accused in young dalit and engineering student Gokulraj murder. The arrest warrant was issued after Yuvaraj gave interview to the news channel.

The police produced five persons in the court who have been arrested and charged Gondas act for helping Yuvaraj. The justice extended their remand till October 19 and sentenced in Salem Central jail.

It is said that in Gokulraj murder case, the DSP Vishnupriya was much pressurized to arrest the innocent people and file case on them.

CM Jayalalitha rejected CBI investigation earlier that was demanded by opposition parties. She said CB-CID will handle the case impartially.

DSP Vishnupriya Suicide Case Developments

DSP Vishnupriya Suicide Case Developments