Eight Terrorist Escaped From Bhopal Jail Killed In Encounter

       Published : Nov 01, 2016 12:59 IST    

Eight Terrorist Escaped From Bhopal Jail Killed In Encounter

The eight terrorists killed in encounter were members of the banned group Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI). They have been charged for the sedition and murder cases in the Bhopal jail. As per the report, the men while escaping from the jail has killed a security guard before climbing 30 feet wall. There is no evidence how they managed to escape this wall.

The police reported that all eight terrorists have been killed in an encounter in a forest area that is 15 km far from the prison. Three among them have escaped earlier while they were in Khandwa jail three years ago and again jailed this year.

Amzad Ramzan Khan, Zakir Hussain, Sheikh Mehboob, Mohammad Saliq, Mujeeb Sheikh, Akeel Khilji, Khalid Ahmed and Majeed Nagori are eight accused encountered. They have several charges on them including murdering two constables, jail break, sedition and robberies.

The mobile video was release hours later. It shows police shooting the men. It is unclear that who had shot the video and for what purpose the video was shot. The minister who handled prison Kusum Mehdale said the media and people should praise them for encountering the accused after escaping from jail. The team had found 4 pistols and sharp weapons from the accused side. Police said the accused had escaped from the jail at around 3:00 am by killing Constable Ramshankar Yadav and tying another guard. It is said they managed to cross high wall by tying bed sheets.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan appreciated the police for their quick action. He said he had briefed about the incident to Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

Eight Terrorist Escaped From Bhopal Jail Killed In Encounter

Eight Terrorist Escaped From Bhopal Jail Killed In Encounter

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