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Will English Destroy Major Indian Languages?

Will English Destroy Major Indian Languages?

Will English Destroy Major Indian Languages

A report says that the domination of English has the chance to destroy major languages in India like Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi, Punjabi and Gujarati. But as per some experts there is only little chance for it because they are 1000 of years old. Tamil is not in the list.

The recent report suggests in 50 years nearly 400 languages will be destroyed. It shocks whole India as the language destroyed the whole community culture will be lost.

As per the report due to English, 4000 languages will be lost in next 50 years and 10 percent of it belongs to India. In total 780 languages spoken in India, nearly 400 will disappear says the survey report.

It is happy to know some languages in Odhisha, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat is in developing stage. It is Santali, Kondi, Bhojpuri is developing vastly.

The one of the largest linguistic survey report People’s Linguistic Survey of India (PLSI) said the most threatened one is coastal languages of the nation. Some of the tribal languages are endangered too.

Samtali and Kondi spoken in Maharashtra, Chhattigarh, Odhisha

Bheli - Rajastan, Maharastra, Gujarat

Mizo - Mizoram

Garo and Khazi - Mehalaya

Kotbarak - Tripura

and Bhojpuri are developing vastly. It is due to educated people having started using their native language.

Linguist Ganesh N Devy said language takes thousands of years to get a form and people should be keen in their languages because it forms the identity and culture. If we lose languages we are doing injustice to our ancestors and also to predecessors.

Will English Destroy Major Indian Languages

Will English Destroy Major Indian Languages?