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Evils of Social Media and Police lethargy sucked Vinupriya life

Evils of Social Media and Police lethargy sucked Vinupriya life

Vinupriya is the latest victim of cyber crime and police lethargically action. This 21 year old girl had committed suicide on Monday after seeing her nude morphed photos in the social media pages. When she happened to see it first time she told to her parents who lodged complaint to police.

They request police to take down the page at the Facebook. They did not take any action to remove the page. The accused again on Sunday uploaded more morphed photos of Vinupriya in her flake facebook account. The link was sent to the girl on her mobile phone.

When their parents went to police station about this issue she hanged herself in her house at Salem. Parents lost their child because of the lethargic move of the police. If they could have taken immediate action against this crime their child would be safe now.

Now the police arrested the man called Suresh for uploaded morphed photos of the girl. Her parents lodged complaint with Salem Superintendent of Police which was handed to Magudanchavadi police. It was again taken to the cyber crime division. Police said they needed 15 days time to find IP addresses of the facebook account.

The victim’s father was a weaver and the accused is a power loom worker belongs to the same location. On investigation police says it was the revenge on the girl for refusing his proposal earlier.

On one side social media is very useful for communicating and sharing information to friend, relatives and all. But it has the dark sides too, through which the culprits like Suresh misuse it and spoil the girls’ lives. At earlier state celebrities were been targets of this cyber crime now it affects the common girls too.

Evils against girls are being increasing all over the world. Do not know where this world will end. According to the Hindu beliefs where women are not happy and when vulgarity against woman raises definitely world comes to end sooner.

Evils of Social Media and Police lethargy sucked Vinupriya life

Evils of Social Media and Police lethargy sucked Vinupriya life

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Senior Writer and Editor
Purushothaman is basically a software developer, but he believes writing and expressing something about whats happening around the world to people and to their safety future is his passion.
1B, Commercial Site, TNHB,
HUDCO Colony, Peelamedu,
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
India - 641004.