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Farmer arrest in Thanjavur Video goes Viral

Farmer arrest in Thanjavur Video goes Viral

Tamil Nadu Farmer has been beaten and arrested for not paying 2 installments of tractor loan in Thanjavur district. The video which was taken during arrest was released on internet that makes everyone (Indians) to feel ashamed.

Thanjavur farmer who cannot pay the loan got arrested by police allegedly. He did not pay 2 installments for his tractor loan. In the video he was allegedly beaten and carried out by the police. The video was out on the internet and going on viral. National Human Right Commission (NHRC) had issued notice to the police officials of Tamil Nadu regarding this.

Lots of people are supporting the farmer. Celebrities are re tweeting the video and showing their support. Among them director Pandiraj and actor Vishal showed their full support to that farmer after verifying the information.

Vishal who saw the video took a step forward to give monetary support for him. He said he will pay the loan amount of the farmer.

Watch the video Here

This is the status of farmer in India. But the millionaire and business tycoon who has the debt of Rs 9000 crores in various banks of India flew to London with tight security. Vijay Mallya on March 2 with 11 bags and waiting for 60 minutes inside T-3's premium lounge flew to London with Jet Airways flight 9W-122 from Indira Gandhi International Airport. He was seated in 1D business class of the air craft.

Farmer arrest in Thanjavur Video goes Viral

Farmer arrest in Thanjavur Video goes Viral

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