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Farmers protest against the government for their Lives

Farmers protest against the government for their Lives

The farmers of Tamil Nadu and the various other states have been fighting against the government for the agricultural needs. Farmers who commonly believe in the rain for their future agriculture works faced a scarcity of water and rain. The government has not taken any initiatives to promote their agricultural needs in providing them water or even fulfilling their needs. The protest has been going for a month and days to count on. Suicidal attempts have taken as a solution by the few farmers keeping that the government would change their mind and show them good initiatives and their problems could be solved. Evil minds of people have not given any solution or it has indeed not even bothered any higher officials for going through the request of the farmers. Farmers who put in their effort on fulfilling others hunger and provide them with their need are being discriminated by the government and also by the rich people and looked down upon as slaves. It's such easy solution that farmers who are just asking to provide water and basic needs for cultivation to equalize the loss faced by them in the past.

The Vardah cyclone which has brought in a dramatic change and huge loss has led to the loss of farmers who believed in their income and future plans. MAN CAN LIVE WITHOUT HIS ENJOYMENTS BUT NOT A SINGLE MAN WITHOUT FOOD. The government has to make initiatives in solving the problem and not in discriminating. The farmers protest has gone down to a stage where they have lost of confidence in succeeding and but has not left their farming or agriculture down. When the revolution of industries could bring in a greater impact by all of them standing together united. The farmers of various states can bring in a dramatic change if each and every farmer over the states could join their hands together to make a revolution. The GST has brought a change and implemented even on the agricultural products, where in the producers of the agricultural products are still suffering fighting for their next cultivation. INDIA could face a major famine in food if the farmers stop their cultivation and proceed on the works they know.

The protest of farmers has to be considered as their only reason was to provide them with an increased budget for their future cultivation as the rainfall has been less for past months. If the government could make an initiative in fulfilling their request it would bring greater changes in their lives and fulfills their agriculture.

Farmers protest against the government for their Lives

Farmers protest against the government for their Lives

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Purushothaman is basically a software developer, but he believes writing and expressing something about whats happening around the world to people and to their safety future is his passion.
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