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FCI question Paper Leaked In Madhya Pradesh

FCI question Paper Leaked In Madhya Pradesh

STF Of Madhya Pradesh detained 48 candidates For leaking FCI Question Papers.

An exam for the Post of watchman for the (FCI) Food Corporation of India had been commenced on April 1, 2018, on Sunday. The Special Task Force of Madhya Pradesh had declared today on Monday that they have detained 48 candidates who attended the exam and the two agents who allegedly leaked the FCI question paper on Saturday. 

According to the STF and the Delhi Crime Branch officials that the Two Miscreants were Delhi based middlemen and a handwritten question paper has been seized from the two while arresting them at Gwalior's Siddharth palace hotel.

According to the CBI, those two were known as Ashutosh Jumar and Harish Kumar hailed from Delhi. In further interrogation, it came to know that the two bribed Rs.5 lakh from each candidate who interested in getting the question paper. They have also assured the candidates who seeking question papers, that they can pay them the money after they get placed on the job and they also provided a handwritten answer sheet for the question paper.

This recent arrest and detention had staged by the CBI when the government is already swirling in the whirlpool of CBSE question paper leak for the past 15 days.

Previously the Delhi police have detained three persons as suspects in leaking the CBSE 12th grade economics question papers. 

Meanwhile, the opposition leader of the central Rahul Gandhi is continuously sweeping criticisms in the hall of central rule.   

FCI question Paper Leaked In Madhya Pradesh