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First 20 Smart cities and its Core Elements

First 20 Smart cities and its Core Elements

First 20 Smart cities and its Core Elements

Among 100 smart cities, center will announce first 20 smart cities to take off in August. These cities are selected based on many criteria. After passing into several conditions these cities are selected and the government will announce the list today. Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu announced yesterday that its list will be released today.

Based on many factors, the cities get selection and it is expected each state will get the one city. These cities will be developed with basic assured infrastructure like water and power supply, proper sanitation, waste management, good transport facilities, IT connectivity, e-governance and citizen participation.

Many states have submitted their proposal with their planned investment of developing their cities as smart. In that list Rajasthan is first to submit its plan last month followed by Punjab, Bengal, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Jharkhand and the Union territory Pondicherry.

In the forthcoming years, the government will announce other smart cities. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 100 smart cities plan will be achieved subsequently in the upcoming years.

What are Smart Cities

There is not exact definition for the Smart city as it differs from one city to another and one country to another. IN the world some cities are very smarter in the traffic regulations, some are smart in waste management and air pollution ans some are smarter in using high technologies. Our Government when planning they brought some key elements that should be present in the smart cities. They are given below.

The core infrastructure elements in smart cities are (Source: http://smartcities.gov.in/)

  1. Adequate water supply
  2. Assured electricity
  3. Sanitation, including solid waste management
  4. Efficient urban mobility and public transport
  5. Affordable housing, especially for the poor
  6. Robust IT connectivity and Digitalization
  7. Good governance, especially e-Governance and citizen participation
  8. Sustainable environment
  9. Safety and security of citizens
  10. Health and Education

First 20 Smart cities and its Core Elements

First 20 Smart cities and its Core Elements