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First Indian Women Fighter Pilots

First Indian Women Fighter Pilots

First Indian Women Fighter Pilots

Bhawana Kanth, Mohanan Singh and Avani Chaturvedi are first three women selected for the fighter pilots among eight women. Indian Air Force chief Marshal Arup Raha on Tuesday announced that Indian Air Force gets the first women fighter pilots from 18 June, 2016 on wards.

It was announced on the occasion of the women's day event headed by Defense Minister Manohar Parrihar. He addressed the event and remembered about his mother who used to tell him lessons when he was child. He added it was very useful later though he could not understand at his childhood.

Raha informed that these three women is on the second phase training and take charge on June 18 this year. 'They will be treated as fighter pilots rather than women pilots,' said Air Force Chief Marshal Arup Raha.

Bhawana Kanth who belongs to Bihar said it was her dream to become a fighter pilot and achieved it because of her parents support.

Mohanan Singh's father and grandfather served in Indian Air Force in transport not as fighter pilots. She began his career working at well established IT Company after passing B.Tech and prepared for the service exam simultaneously.

Avani Chaturvedi from Madhya Pradesh says there is no difference in sexes being the pilots.

First Women Achievers in India

There are several ladies who break down the rule at several circumstances and came out vigorously as the first in India. We can remember some of them

Anjali Gupta – First woman flying officer in Indian Air Force in 2001.

Sarla Thakral – First woman to fly in aircraft in 1936 when she was 21.

Kiran Bedi – First Indian women officer (IPS) in 1972.

Kalpana Chawla – First Indian women to reach space in 1997

Arunima Sinha – first female amputee to climb Mt. Everest and also first amputee to climb it.

Reita Faria Powel – First Asian to win 'Miss World' title in 1966

Arati Saha – First female sport person (Asia and in India) in 1959

Mother Teresa – first Indian woman to win Nobel Prize in 1979

Saina Nehwal – first Indian woman to win in Olympic in Badminton at 2012

Sania Mirza – first no.1 ranked woman in WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) in doubles. First to win WTA.

Recently Roshini Sharma became the first lady to drive motor bike from Kanyakumari to Kashmir.

First Indian Women Fighter Pilots

First Indian Women Fighter Pilots