Floods Furies in North India killed nearly 90

       Published : Aug 03, 2015 05:02 IST    

Floods Furies in North India killed nearly 90, more than 200 villages affected.

In 3 states Bengal, Odisha and Manipur more than 70 people were death due to heavy rainfall after the cyclone Komen.

In Jammu and Kashmir the village Leh was washed out in flood. Many people were left out homeless.

In West Bengal nearly 12 districts was affected and 48 were killed. Lakhs of people were affected and stayed in camps.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee stayed in the office and monitored the flood situation. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh enquired about the situation from Mamata Banerjee.

Rajasthan has seen heavy rainfall than ever. Nearly 28 people were death.

Uttar Pradesh hundreds of village was affected and thousands were left homeless.

In Odhisa more than 5 lakhs people were affected. They are rescued and staying in camps.

In Manipur at least 20 killed in the landslide.

Many landslides occurred due to heavy rainfall and killed nearly 90 people in North India from Thursday onwards.

Many temporary relief camps are set in all the affected places. Peoples were rescued and stayed in the relief camps.

Due to cyclone Komen many Asian countries were affected and reported death of 126 people. In that India was affected largely.

The cyclone turned to India on July 30th Thursday which killed many people in North India and Lakhs of people turned homeless and suffering.

Floods Furies in North India killed nearly 90

Floods Furies in North India killed nearly 90

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