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Fresh Clash Have Been Reported In Bihar

Fresh Clash Have Been Reported In Bihar

Fresh communal riot has been reported in Nawada of Bihar after a statue was allegedly vandalised by some miscreants on Friday. This fresh violence started by some miscreants within few days after a communal riot came to an order that stated on the Ram Navami Procession. 

According to the source the situations are now brought under control after the area have been deployed with police forces. The violence started to erupt when a group of miscreants started vandalising a statue that belongs to a community people and later that leads to stone pelting between the two groups and the violence erupted.

Nawada is the eighth district that engulfed with the communal clash within a week in Bihar. the riot initially started on Sunday this week during a disturbance in the Ram Navami procession at Bhagalpur The rioters torched up the vehicles and shops in riot areas. 

Nearly 30 people have been injured in the stone pelting of wrong intentions who created violence in the Ram Navami procession on Monday. 10 among the 30 were police officers who are severely injured in the riot is to be noted.

However, the riots have been put off by the state ruler Nitish Kumar by deploying heavy troops. As like resolving the previous riots, the current riot has also been limited up by the deployment of the police force and suspension of mobile signals.

Fresh Clash Have Been Reported In Bihar