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Gandhian Sasi Perumal died during the protest against Liquor Shop

Gandhian Sasi Perumal died during the protest against Liquor Shop

Sasi Perumal who was a Gandhiyan activist showed his protest for the liquor shop that is held in public area near the temple and school for past few days by doing hungry strike.

On July 31st Sasi Perumal (60) activist climbed upon the mobile tower near the liquor shop to close the liquor shop near Mardhandam, Kanyakumari district that causes inconvenience to the public. He also demands the state government to prohibit the liquor throughout the state.

After taking part in the Abdul Kalam funeral ceremony he came to Mardhandam and again started his protest severely.

He climbed on the tower to show his full protest and threatened to jump if they did not close the TASMAC. After the long argument the district administration promised to close the shop on 7th of this month at 1.00 pm.

The fire brigade went on the top the get down Sasi Perumal but he was unconscious with blood in his shirt. He was taken to the hospital immediately and doctor said he is died already. The cause of his death was unknown.

The police official said his body will undergo medical tests and will be recorded in the video. After the test his body will be given to his family.

Mean while the political parties BJP Tamilisai Soundarrajan and PMK Anbumani show their protest and demands the prohibition of the liquor shop on respect to the death activist Sasi Perumal.

About Gandhiyan Sasi Perumal

‘Gandhiyan’ Sasi Perumal showed his protest against the liquor in various forms for the past four decades. He started his protest from his teen age.

He had done many protest, in 2013 he had done hunger strike in Chennai for 33 days and was arrested after having worse health condition. In 2014 he undergone long fast at New Delhi demanding nationwide prohibition on liquor and submitted petition to Union Home Minister after the 35 days.

Traffic Ramasamy demands Government to prohibit liquor shop before Independence Day.

On hearing the death of Sasi Perumal Social activist Traffic Ramasamy came from Delhi to Salem to convince his family members in spite of his illness.

He said ‘Gandhiyan’ Sasi Perumal death was a murder. Police officials or district in charge did not care him for 6 long hours. He says it is planned murdered of Sasi Perumal who was showing his protest for many years. They should give explanations to his family members.

He said before August 15th complete prohibition act should be taken by the government or he will file the case in Supreme Court and takes steps in bringing complete prohibition of liquor shop before January.

Gandhian Sasi Perumal died during the protest against Liquor Shop

Gandhian Sasi Perumal died during the protest against Liquor Shop