Google created doodle to cartoonist RK Laxman on his 94th birthday

       Published : Oct 24, 2015 15:35 IST    

RK Laxman, a popular legendary cartoonist born on October 24, 1921 and died on January 26, 2015. His works are memorable and many of his works are awarded. His cartoons in 'Malgudi Days' written by his brother RK Narayan is unforgettable and evergreen works of him. 'Malgudi Days' is a famous short story book written by RK Narayan and it was directed as TV serial which created magic in those days TV serials and got the evergreen palace in the heart of viewers.

Today on his birthday the giant search engine Google formed black and white doodle in memory and respect his works. His common man works is most crucial in his stretching. Google created his art studio with his working table; he is illustrated as painting the common man holding the paper behind the canvas, and lots of his paints is at the side on the stool.

'Today's Doodle honors R.K. Laxman for his deft artistic hand and sharp, incisive wit. Doodler Olivia Huynh in collaboration with Local Googlers wanted to salute the legendary cartoonist by creating a Doodle that payed homage to both Laxman (making sure to capture his wild shock of hair and distinctive grin) and his most popular character, who watches in his trademark checked shirt as the beloved illustrator sketches him one more time,' said Google on its doodle page.

RK Laxman born in Mysore with his 6 brothers including RK Narayan one of the India's popular and legendary writer. He had been worked as a cartoonist to Times of India for more than 50 years. His daily political cartoon 'You Said It' portrays his creation along with the common man character in the first page of the news paper. At early days he worked with many magazines as cartoonist and wrote few novels and worked with his own monthly magazine. Some of his cartoons were shown in the movies also.

Mr Laxman had honored with multiple awards Padman Bhusan in 1973, RamonMagsaysay Awards in 1895 and Padma Vibhusan in 2005.

Google created doodle to cartoonist RK Laxman on his 94th birthday

Google created doodle to cartoonist RK Laxman on his 94th birthday

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