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Government Latest Measures On Demonetisation

Government Latest Measures On Demonetisation

Government Latest Measures OnáDemonetisation

The latest measures were announced by Government of India for convenience of people on Demonetisation. Union Minister For Urban development had shared it today.

  1. NABARD will release Rs.21000 crores to district co-operative banks for smooth flow of credit to farmers for Rabi season.
  2. There will no change on use of debit cards till 31st Dec 2016, as banks have agreed to waive all such changes.
  3. Railways have decided to waive service charges on all online bookings till 31st Dec 2016.
  4. All financial transactions on mobile feature (non-smart) phones will be exempted from USSD charges of Rs.150.
  5. New vehicles to have ETC-complaint RFID facility for digital deduction of charges at toll plazas.
  6. Printing of new currency notes on, all 3 shifts, 24 x 7, in all government currency printing presses
  7. Out of 2 lakh odd ATM machines, more than 82,000 recalibrated, its now only a matter of few days.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be present in Rajya Sabha today around 1pm. Ex. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh strongly speaks today at Rajya sabha about Demonetization and he elaborates the people sufferings. He says Demonetization will not work and people in the villages are not aware of the banking system. It calls it as monumental mismanagement.

Few hours before PM Modi shared that 91 percent of the people support the new revolution as per the recent survey. 'I thank people for the historic participation in the survey. Its satisfying to read the insightful views & comments,' shared Narendra Modi.

Anil Bokil ľ Brain Behind Demonetization Not Happy

Government Latest Measures On Demonetisation

Government Latest Measures On Demonetisation

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